David L. Smith writes and speaks as an Economist, Futurist and Geopolitical  Commentator.

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Author: The second edition of “The Predicament: How did it happen? How bad is it? The case for radical change now!” will be published on April 15, 2013. Pre-publication copies will be forwarded to journalists, reviewers and university-level instructors upon request.

In The Predicament, economist David L. Smith explains how the present economic, financial and political dysfunctions emerged after the relatively balanced and prosperous Eisenhower years. He reveals "where the bodies are buried" and makes the case for a radical change of direction to avoid further economic, financial and social deterioration; to restore the solvency, prosperity and contentment of the middle class; and to relieve the plight of the poor.  

Identifying the root cause of the American Predicament as the hijacking of the democratic political process by a rich and powerful elite, Mr. Smith proposes a completely new democratic political process to bypass Big Money and television to return the government to the service of We The People.

The Predicament
second edition will be available after April 1 in e-book format, available for purchase ($4.99) at Amazon.com and all major e-book retail outlets. It will also be available in print format at major online bookstores and signed copies will be available on this website.

Look for his forthcoming companion book: "The Egyptian Solution -- And Other Lessons of History to Get Us Out of This Mess"

Contact: david@davidlsmith.com

The Predicament -- How did it happen? How bad is it? The case for radical action now!